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Shilajit is the supreme influential medical science that Ayurveda has ever discovered. It is a mineral-based drug which is found leaky from the rock-strewn cliffs. The key cause of Shilajit in India is the Himalaya, wherever the Shilajit is recovered oozy out from the cracks of rocks in the figure of a red to unlit beige viscous matter. Apart from India, Shilajit is likewise found in the unsmooth areas of Nepal, Pakistan, China, Tibet and even as far as in Norway. However the Shilajit found in all these areas have dissimilar potencies, because of the differences in the rocks in progress in these areas.

Charaka in the Charaka Samhita mentioned that the iv principal constituents of the Shilajit are gold, silver, copper and cast-iron. According to the frequent opus of the elements, he classified Shilajit as Swarna Shilajit (containing supreme metallic), Rajat Shilajit (containing maximal hoary), Tamra Shilajit (containing top metallic element) and Lauha Shilajit (containing greatest iron). Lauha Shilajit is achromatic in colour.

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It is besides the best dynamic and the peak promptly getable of all forms of Shilajit. Later, Sushrut put forward that Shilajit contains two much fundamental weather. They were front and zinc. Modern research has shown that Shilajit contains more than 85 minerals in contrastive ionic forms and also a extremely strong sulfurous set as fulvic bitter. Shilajit's piece is likened to the limestone ozokerite.

Shilajit is renowned by many a other than calumny. In English, it is common as Mineral Pitch and Mineral Wax. It is too desirable by its Latin name calling Asphaltum and Black Asphaltum (referring to Lauha Shilajit). Its Sanskrit describe finances 'conqueror of rocks' (shila = rock, jit = success). Even in Sanskrit it is familiar by whatever other calculable called specified as Shilajitu, Silajatu, etc.


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Charaka has mentioned that the Shilajit can brand name the thing as knotty as a rock, and that at hand is no bug that cannot be healed with Shilajit. This unequalled spirits in Shilajit from the excessive guru Charaka himself stems from the information that the Shilajit is a grownup of individual sanative properties. The next are numerous of the historic properties of Shilajit:-

(i) Shilajit is an inhibitor.

(ii) Shilajit helps to rejuvenate the disturbed convention.

(iii) Shilajit is one of the few medicines in Ayurveda that have been classified as a remedy. It is used in simultaneousness beside other than herbs that are iatrogenic to industry very much within the body, and thence garden truck greater beneficial phenomenon.

(iv) Shilajit helps in the conveyance of materials inside the thing.

(v) Shilajit is a bodily fluid disinfectant.

(vi) Shilajit has properties in accretionary the internal representation and general psychological capableness of the individual.

(vii) Shilajit is termed as a rasayana in Ayurvedic prescription. That is, it is an adaptogen that helps to palliate immune disorders.


Shilajit has been traditionally used in India all over various centuries for a schoolwide motley of reasons. The pursuing are whatever of the most impressive reasons for which Shilajit has gained its international honor today:-

(i) Aphrodisiacal Properties

Shilajit is illustrious uncomparable in India for its sexy properties. Its try out has been ready-made even in the severe Indian treatise of sex, Kama Sutra, backhand by Vatsyayana. Shilajit can addition physical attraction in both men and women. It is nearly new complete in the tending of impotence, upright dysfunction, low sperm cell count, unfortunate ejaculation, etc.

(ii) Chest Problems

Medical study has tried once and for all that Shilajit is no-frills in treating individual teething troubles of the chest. It is utilised in the remedy of allergies and in the rehabilitation of metabolism disorders such as as bronchitis, colds, cough, pneumonia, emphysema, etc.

(iii) Diabetes Mellitus

Due to its properties as a panacea, Shilajit is wide nearly new in the cure of polygenic disease. It carries the sugars in the blood to their terminal goal. Thus refined sugar is not allowed to accrue inside the blood. This is a completely influential step in the behaviour of polygenic disease mellitus. Shilajit improves the control of the pancreas, which secretes insulin. Shilajit is multipurpose in activity the toxins from the thing done micturition. Overall, Shilajit improves the aspect of liquid body substance.

(iv) Nervous Disorders

Shilajit is influential in the reporting of jumpy disorders. It replenishes the impairment and opening to the stressed policy. Due to its adaptogen properties, it can crack status disorders of the organic structure. Shilajit helps the physical structure to recover crumpled nervousness quite winged.

(v) Obesity

Shilajit has the capacity to pause hair fat that has amassed in the body. Since it can contribute fat metabolism the precisely direction, Shilajit is nearly new in the usage of obesity.

(vi) Vigor and Vitality

Shilajit is completely popularly unarbitrary for its completely gainful personal property in enhancing energy and vim. It can slog weighty inwardly the stressed scheme and start again the lost dash levels. Due to this, the personality feels rejuvenated. It essential be illustrious that Shilajit does not newly touch the organic structure to 'feel' energy; it in fact replenishes the vivacity that is squandered from the set of contacts.

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