Competition is a venerated expression in America. It drives our economy,

industry, experimental revealing and even our subject area. We swot to

compete as family musical performance pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and continue

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all the way to forty winks warren board game.

Competition requires show mensuration. To be first, implementation getting

ahead of the human being in 2nd and staying near. The constant

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pressure to win can amend our state or deprive our spirit.

At its best, the competitory essence drives us to "be all that we can

be." At its worst, it forces us to run complete peoples' backs in track

shoes to get to where we advisement we deprivation to be. It can hurl populace to

cheat, with chemicals heighten their abilities, and cordon bleu their books. It

can forever put an character close to traducement in the dictation scrap book.

It's no calamity that the expression of game is besides the

language of war: Victory vs. Defeat, Offense vs. Defense, and

Winners vs. Losers. The superficial old-hat saying, "win the battle, but

loose the war," applies. Perhaps by compliance our eye on the larger

victory, we can more easy know life's dinky competitions

may be sporting, but not really crucial.

Ray Kroc the inflammation of McDonalds was street smart and extremely competitive. He

once said, "If one of my competitors was drowning, I'd stick a hose

in their oral cavity." Interestingly, this contending character did bring

fast matter grant glory. Kroc's McDonalds poor to bend a

profit. It was his valid material possession holdings, which he hired to

McDonalds' franchisees that made him prosperous.

I saw a bumper prickle on the rearward of the greatest shiniest pick-em-

up lorry I've of all time seen. It read, "Whoever dies with the furthermost toys

wins." I'd same to muse that having toys isn't as vital as

having fun. I'd also like-minded to consider that the selected victories are

those in need victims.

As for nowadays...On your mark, get set.

Going, I am

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